Thursday, July 5, 2007

Little Girl Lost


studio lolo said...

Bookbabie, why haven't I come here before? My God, these photos are stunning. I don't know anything about photoshop or other programs, but you sure know what you're doing! Did you take these photos? I read that Lizzie is your daughter and you took that one, but what about the others? I'm so impressed! And Lizzie is beautiful, by the way.
And I just realized the George series is all about George Clooney! You really are entertaining!

bookbabie said...

I just started this site to have somehwere to put my photo-manipulations. I'm just learning to do it. Some of the photos are mine, but I buy some from istock and get others from free stock on It's a cool site that inspired me to try and stretch my creative wings and learn something new.

George Clooney, hmmm, never heard of him.


wonderful work!